Nutritional supplementation

When we exclude a few too many good foods from our diet, we need to make up the nutritional deficit some how.  Taking nutritional supplements is really the only way to do it.

For example, if you didn’t like citrus fruits, you would probably be deficient in vitamin C and possibly potassium.  If you don’t eat dairy products, you would not be getting enough calcium and probably, vitamin D.  If you don’t like green leafy vegetables, you would probably be deficient in vitamin E and possibly vitamin A.
If you are under a lot of stress, you would probably need extra B complex vitamins, etc.

Now, let’s say you were taking Licorice herb to help heal your adrenal glands.
It would be of little help if you were deficient in vitamin C or pantothenic acid
(a B complex vitamin).  Two nutrients that are essential for healthy adrenals.
It’s a fact that your brain and nervous system need protein, B complex vitamins and the essential fatty acids that come from fish oil, to help cope with stress, long before they need St. John’s Wort.

When you don’t eat a perfect diet (I’ve never met anyone who does), you need to somehow supply your body with all the basic building blocks of health, before any herb, medication, acupuncture or anything else can work at its maximum benefit for you.

When combining supplements with as good a diet as you can eat, exercise and adequate rest, the average person will have a much better chance of achieving their goals of good health and sustained wellness. The following simple, three supplement program is designed to cover many nutritional bases:

  1. Multiple Vitamin – Pills or Capsules
  2. Fish oil, Flax Seed Oil and Borage Seed Oil Combination – Capsules
  3. Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D Combination – Pills or Capsules

Choose high quality, high potency products and take them daily, usually at the end of each meal.  Read labels and compare products. 

Remember, if you are under medical care, consult your medical doctor before beginning any nutritional supplementation program.