yoga & meditation

  • Meditation

Often described as an altered state of consciousness, meditation is a form of relaxation – a state that is entered into voluntarily. Meditation can be practiced for a few minutes daily, helping to clear the mind by refocusing it on one thought – a process that helps to ease depression and its symptoms.  Check out some of our meditation accessories here:

  • Yoga

Even in your depressed state, yoga meets you at the right point. Practicing yoga helps you apply specific breathing techniques and body poses that can energize you when you feel down or calm you at times when you are feeling anxious. Your breath acts as a link between your body and mind. By changing your breath, your mental and physical health can improve. The body poses and movements can teach you how to apply your body in such a way that you feel stronger and better able to breathe and function, creating an improved sense of health and wellness.  Check out some of our great yoga accessories here: