Supplements & vitamins

  • Herbal Supplements

Herbal remedies are an effective anti-depressant treatment. However, it would be ideal to discuss with your doctor before settling for any herbal supplement. St. John’s wort and ginkgo biloba are two of the most common herbal therapies used for the treatment of depression. St. John’s wort has been used in many parts of the world, and it has been scientifically proven to treat moderate to severe depression. Ginkgo biloba, on the other hand, is thought to improve intellectual functioning.  Get a herbal consultation and receive a complete personal protocol of wellness and recommendations for you today. Herbal consultations can be found  here:

  • Vitamins

While long-term studies are still ongoing, vitamins like B-complex, which have proven to be crucial to the production and regulation of neurotransmitters, have been connected to depression. B-vitamin deficiency has been linked with disorders such as anxiety and depression. The intake of these nutrients may help uplift a person’s mood and eliminate depression and related disorders.  Before starting any new vitamins, it is also a good idea to discuss with your doctor.