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Knowing the correct and best herbal products and vitamins  to supplement with your diet, medications, and lifestyle can have a tremendous benefit on your health and well-being.  Equally important is to be on the correct type of diet so that you can receive the maximum benefit from herbs and vitamins.  Herbal products, supplements, vitamins and holistic lifestyle changes can all be safer and more effective alternatives to taking antidepressant/psychiatric medications if you are suffering from anxiety or depression.  Maybe you are looking for natural and alternative methods to help your anxiety and depression instead of taking psychiatric drugs that usually do more harm then good.  Or maybe,  for example, you are in withdrawal from antidepressant medications and expereincing adverse side effects.  During this time, you must be very careful what you put into your body as your nervous system has had havoc wrecked upon it from the harmful drug chemicals.  Or, you maybe just be looking to adopt a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. Each person has their own unique situation.

I am not here to try to push sales or claim to  tell anyone what to do.  In fact, if you are  expereincing adverse effects from antidepressant withdrawal,  it may be best for you to not add any new herbal products or supplements during this time.  This goes for medications too, but ultimatley that should all be discussed with your doctor.  As previously stated, each person’s individual sitation is unique, and everyone is going through something different. For example,  each person has different reactions to medications. (Although some can be common among people).  Here, I am  simply making  my services known to those who may benefit from them.  I have undergone extensive study with a state accredited school of the natural health sciences to earn my master herbalist diploma. I have practiced hands on by doing herbal consultations for a versatile group of clients.  I love and enjoy doing these protocols and helping people gain a holistic lifestyle. My protocols  help clients achieve or maintain good health with natural herbal modalities, without the use of any drug material, remedy or other medical means.  If you order a consultation from me, I will take all of the necessary time to research your exact case and come up with a personalized protocol for you and your situation. My protocol will be designed specifically by taking in all considerations of your medical conditions, lifestyle and well-being.   You will also recieve a Wellness Booklet to help guide you. After your receive your protocol, you also have the chance to order any professional & high quality herbal products and/or supplements through me. Before we get started I would need you to fill out a confidential questionnaire and sign a confidentiality/informed consent paper in which I can get to you by email or mail.  Any questions and or concerns you may have before ordering I will be happy to address.  Just send me a PM or  You can  email me at:

Please Note: The Practitioner is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions, nor claim to prevent, mitigate or cure such conditions.


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