Herbal Consultation

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Knowing the correct and best herbal products to supplement with your diet, medications, and lifestyle can have a tremendous benefit on your health and well-being. Also, Sometimes  herbal products and/or vitamins can be a safer and more effective alternative to taking antidepressant medications.   I have undergone extensive study with a state accredited school of the natural health sciences to earn my master herbalist diploma. I have practiced hands on by doing herbal consultations for a versatile group of clients. When you order a consultation from me, I will take all of the necessary time to research your exact case and come up with a personalized protocol for you and your situation. My protocol will be designed specifically by taking in all considerations of your medical conditions, lifestyle and well-being. After your receive your protocol, you also have the chance to order any professional & high quality herbal products and/or supplements through me. Before we get started I would need you to fill out a confidential questionnaire and sign a confidentiality paper in which I can get to you by email or mail.  Any questions and or concerns you may have before ordering I will be happy to address. You can  email me at:


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